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Insurance Fraud and Bad Faith

Vigorously Challenging Insurance Companies

Every insurance contract has a “covenant of good faith and fair dealing.”  This means that your insurance company is required to act in good faith and to treat you fairly when deciding whether to pay a claim. Unfortunately, for the sake of profits, some insurance companies breach the duty it owes to its customers. Insurance companies that commit bad faith are committing insurance fraud and need to be held accountable for their actions. In those situations an insurance company can be forced to pay what it owes you under the policy and more.

Insurance companies may also engage in fraudulent conduct.  You may be entitled to recover monetary damages if another person or insurance company  has misrepresented material information to you and you relied on this information to your harm.

We routinely represent and consistently recover for clients in the following types of cases:

  • Wrongful denial of an insurance claim
  • Unfairly denying benefits to a policyholder
  • Undue delay in handling claims
  • Inadequate investigation
  • Refusal to defend a lawsuit
  • Threats against an insured
  • Refusing to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • Making unreasonable interpretations of an insurance policy
  • Failure to provide the coverage promised
  • Fraud of agents and insurance companies in denials and underpayments

If you have been wronged by your insurance company, contact the insurance litigation lawyers at Taylor & Taylor.