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Taylor & Taylor’s passion is to help those who have been injured or cheated in their most crucial time of need. This passion defines the firm’s practice.  The old axiom that justice is blind is aligned with the firm’s philosophy.  No matter a client’s birthplace, race, background, class, gender or religion, the courts are open to anyone injured or cheated by the hand of another.  Taylor & Taylor continues to dare to defend the rights of the injured and cheated to seek justice, equality and balance the wrong that has been done, as it has done for decades.

As the people of Alabama and the Southeast United States become more diverse, so do Taylor & Taylor’s clients.   The growth of the Korean, German, and Japanese auto industries all across the state and the increase in Latino populations have created and a higher ratio of immigrant populations.  Many of those migrants to the United States do not understand where they fit into the civil justice system.   There is one common thread to the cases Taylor & Taylor handles -- all of our clients have been harmed and need a lawyer who will fiercely advocate for them when they need it the most.

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